STEMquiz Profile: Ken Silburn

Dr Ken Silburn
I'm Dr. Ken Silburn, a science educator, communicator, and passionate about teaching 21st Century Skills. In 2015 I was the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Science Prize for Excellence In Secondary Science Teaching. I am the Head Teacher Science at Casula High School, President of LAZSTA (Metropolitan South West Science Teachers Association) and Coordinator and founder of the iSTEM (Invigorating Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) project delivering science enrichment programs for high school science students and the US Space Academy Program. I am internationally renowned in science education, especially in the area of Space Science. I'm a strong advocate for engaging students in STEM careers and is currently an advisor for the International Mars One project and a director for the Mars Society Australia and I am currently a member of the education team for the 2016 NASA India Expedition to the Ladakh Region next month to India.
When our children are young, they thrive for information about themselves and their environment. They quest for information about dinosaurs, space travel and explosions. Well the dinosaurs are all dead, and there is a limit on how explosive you can be in a school environment. But the prospect and excitement of space travel is endless.
Ken is an accomplished presenter. Presentations include the prestigious Einstein lectures for the Australian Institute of Physics as part of the Sydney Science Festival, Science Education Conferences as well as Google Summits in Sydney and Canberra. I was the recipient of the 2013 NSW State Award for Innovation in Science Teaching and more recently the 2014 NSW Australian Academy of Physics Award for Community Outreach. I will be extending the time in India to provide science outreach programs and teacher professional development activities to Indian Schools supported by the Australian High Commission in India. I have participated in NASA Spaceward Bound Expeditions to the Mojave, Desert USA, and the Pilbara and Arkaroola expeditions in Australia.

You can find Ken on twitter as @kensilburn


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