Significant Figures

n = 60

STEMpunk was given an incredible opportunity, to run an event for the Vivid Ideas festival called Significant Figures, where we interviewed a wonderful scientist with a panel or more excellent scientists, or significant figures!

The panel of significant figures, Ivy Shih, Corey Tutt and Kirsten Banks, was to interview through games and questions, a mystery science guest, Associate Professor Tanya Latty from the University of Sydney,

it was cancelled.

But we ran it anyway!!

...and this episode is that panel show, but instead of live, we did it online. Same people, same concept, just no live audience. This worked incredibly well. So fun, so learn, and so....ewwwww!

Thanks to the amazing Ivy, Corey and Kirsten, andof course Tanya Latty. You are all wonderful.

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