Dr. Stephanie Wood: STEMquiz profile

Meet Stephanie Wood, She will be one of the contestants at STEMquiz on June 21, Wayward breweries, 6:30-8pm.

Dr Stephanie Wood
I was always interested in science and went to UQ to study to be a genetic counsellor – but after a taste of lab life I was hooked, and did my PhD on how proteins are moved around inside cells and delivered to where they need to go (aka protein trafficking). This led to a postdoc at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, where I studied a group of genetic diseases that come about when this trafficking process goes wrong and got to be closer to clinical practice and help some individual families with sick kids. 

Next I made the jump from the lab to the research department of the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, where I was lucky to spend 2 years studying the medicine Laureates and how their research came to benefit society. 

I am fascinated by how governments and universities can encourage creative environments and breakthrough discoveries, then make sure that new knowledge is communicated and turned into new inventions and processes to make the world work better. 

Since moving back to Australia last October I have been working on these issues in the office of the University of Sydney’s Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research.

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