STEMpunk quiz

The STEMpunk quiz panel: Dr Stephanie Wood, Shane Hengst,
Tom Gordon, Christie McMonigal and Dr Vanessa Moss
On Tuesday June 21, The STEMpunks, Tom, Christie and Shane hosted a STEMpunk quiz at Wayward Brewery in Annandale, Sydney. It was a huge success with a great crowd, and a great vibe. 

We had so much fun at the very first STEMpunk quiz with Christie McMonigal, Shane Hengst, Vanessa Moss, Stephanie Wood, Marc West & Eliot Redelman. Thanks also to Wayward Brewing Company. Massive thanks to all involved!

Congrats to Team Christie for winning the event, and to all for everyone in the audience for participating.

We had a great time and we're looking forward to doing it again on Tuesday July 19 at Wayward from 6:30-8pm. To book tickets for the next STEMpunk quiz, please go to the eventbrite page here:

Here are the questions we asked in the quiz:

S - Science
- What is a Syzygy? And how much is it worth in Scrabble
- Journal or joke? 
- How many times did Pluto make it around the sun between its discovery in 1930 and when it was declassified as a planet (in 2006)?
- Gene name or band name
Split ends 
SHH Sonic hedgehog
Rolling stones 

 T - Technology
- If a driverless car is at fault in an accident with another vehicle while driving, who takes the blame?
- What was the name of the drone ship for the SpaceX rocket that landed itself on April 8 2016?
- What is shmeat?
- What is special about the band Compressor-head?

The Theremin songs:
Happy Birthday & Twinkle Twinkle Little star.

 E - Engineering 
- Who of the following have a degree in engineering. Megan Washington, Rowan Atkinson, Harper Lee or Dr Karl, or Dr Karl (the one from neighbours). 
- Of the 12 people who have walked on the moon, how many have degrees in engineering?
- According to the flying pickets, who wants to be an engineer?
- Engineering records
The least dense solid?
Smallest jet engine?
Longest carbon nanotubes
Most northerly solar powerplant

 M - Mathematics
- What are Natalie Portman’s ad Carl Sagan’s erdos-bacon number.
- Which is incorrect. PEMDAS, BODMAS,  DUMBAS or BIDMAS 
- What is the sum of the first 6 prime numbers, and is that number a prime? 
- Where would you find a clothoid loop?