STEMpunk quiz 2

On Tuesday July 19, The STEMpunks, Tom, Christie and Shane hosted our second STEMpunk quiz at Wayward Brewery in Annandale, Sydney. It was a huge success with a bigger audience that last time, and a great vibe. 

The audio on this recording is not great and for that we apologise, and the error in recording has been fixed as much as possible for this episode and will be fixed completely for next episode.

We had so much fun at the very first STEMpunk quiz with Vanessa Moss and Stephanie Wood, we just had to do it again. This time we invited Mayan Amiezer and Ken Silburn who were great! Massive thanks to all involved, especially Liam Chalmers-Giddy, Simon Crook and Wayward breweries for such an awesome venue.

Congrats again to Team Christie for winning the event, and to all for everyone in the audience for participating.

We had a great time and we're looking forward to doing it again during science week as a part of the Sydney Science Festival Tuesday August 16 at Wayward from 6:30-8pm. To book tickets for the next STEMpunk quiz, please go to the eventbrite page here:

Here are the questions we asked:

Brian Schmidt on receiving his Nobel prize, gave a gift to the king of Sweden, What was the gift?
what was special about it?

SQ2: Science or not science 
Eddy Current Suppression Ring
The Copper NanoTubes

SQ3: Beer science 
What is Saccharomyces carlsbergensis?
What are the four main ingredients of beer?
Hops, the plant that gives beer its bitterness, is closely related to which plant
What is the scientific study of beer and beer making called?
What is Cenosillicaphobia?

The largest word with the 4 base pairs in DNA (G, T, A, C)

Audience question 1:
What is the Alcohol content of Brewmeister's Snake Venom, the worlds strongest beer. Regular beer usually have about 5%

Which country has a National Technology day? A: Ireland, B: Iceland, C: India or D: Israel (and when is it?)

TQ2: Tech or False
A.I. Brewed beer
A robotic seagull that deficates sunscreen onto kids at the beach
Plasma rocket powered golf club
A Bra that can be quickly converted into a protective face mask

How many hours of Youtube videos are upload each minute?

David Uniapon was a prolific aboriginal inventor with over 19 provisional patents. Which of these were some of his works?
Mechanical shearer
The modern Axe
Perpetual motion machine
A helicopter design based on the boomerang

Audience Question 2:
The first professional brewers called brewsters were all what.

EQ1: Engineering or not
What is the largest number of cylinders in a motorbike?
What GWR record was broken to celarbrate National Women in Engineering Day 2015, what was the record?
The fastest time to complete a marathon in orbit is 3:35:21, who has this record?

Engineer Ray Tomlinson sent the first ever email in 1971. What did it say?

EQ3: Car Engineering
Coffee powered car
Beer powered car
Tesla coil car
Nuclear powered car
V8 juice powered V8 car

Which of the Octonauts is an engineer?

Audience question 4:
where would you find a clothoid loop? textbook, rollercoaster, underwater, in the cockpit of a jet plane

How are the number pi and the sentence 'How I wish I could calculate pi' related?

What is a mercator projection?

MQ3: Notation or NO-tation
Grahams number notation
Up arrow notation
Quantum notation
Exploding array notation

What term did 9 year old Milton Sirotta coin in 1940?