STEMquiz profile: Mayan Amiezer

Mayan Amiezer - or is it Mayan Amazing?
I am a PhD student at the Garvan institute Immunology department. I research Gut immunology using intravital microscopy. What drew me to science more than anything is actually my love for the arts. I used to work in film distribution and I was hooked the moment I started making live cell imaging using (super fancy) microscopes.

I am also the national director for Pint of Science, a non for profit global initiative to bring scientists to local pubs to give talks about their science and engage with the general public in the casual environment of the local, kind of like STEMquiz! :) 

The festival was a huge success and really evoked in me, the passion for science communication. I reckon if we are not out there letting everybody know about the awesomeness of science, people will not know about how awesome it really is.

I am also an advocate for GLTBQI in STEM and in life in general, when I am not busy doing sciency related stuff, I like playing basketball and looking after my 2 rescue dogs + hanging out with my partner.