STEMpunk quiz Sydney Science Festival

Hi Audience! You're awesome!
On Tuesday August 16, The STEMpunks, Tom, Christie and Shane hosted our third STEMpunk quiz as a part of the Sydney Science Festival and supported by National Science Week at Wayward Brewery in Annandale, Sydney. It was a huge success with a huge audience, and a great vibe. 

This time we invited Fred Watson and Carolyn Hogg who were great! Massive thanks to all involved, especially Alison, Adam, Wayward breweries and the Sydney Science Festival for such an awesome venue and event.

Shane, Tom and Christie. Nice shirts guys!
Congrats again to Team Drone (Shane) for winning the event, and to all for everyone in the audience for participating.

You can get involved too by answering the online Audience questions (and survey) 

Here are the questions we asked:

SQ1: Frankenstein was put together one anatomical feature at a time, from raw materials supplied by the dissecting room and the slaughter-house. True or False

SQ2: What do Radar, CRISPR, Test Tube Butt Set and A Santa at NASA have in common?

TQ1: The word Android refers to a Male robot, what about a female robot?

TQ2: 1 point for each of Asimov's three robot laws

TQ3: Robot or NO-bot (Includes drones)
- A robot that feeds you tomotoes as you run
- Orgasmatron robot
- Haircutting drone
- Ikea furniture building robot

EQ1: The word engineer comes from a Latin word meaning what? a. applied science, b. cleverness, c. contraction of "engine" and "beer", d. technical

EQ2: What is on the emblem of the Macguyver school of engineering?

EQ3: In computer engineering, what is the 90-90 rule?

MQ1: What is the volume of a cylinder with radius z and depth a?

MQ2: Logical fallacy or not,
- Ad hominem
- Proof by handwaving
- quis nostrud exercitation
- Post hoc ergo propter hoc

MQ3: Maths Problem or not,
- Monty Hall problem
- 3 Pints problem
- Two Sheds problem
- Hairy ball problem