Thumbs up Corey!

In this episode, Tom interviews rising star Corey Potter-Tutt. We talked a lot about indigenous Science, brain food, animals and their superpowers and Camelids! 

A great episode where I feel like I learnt a lot from a different perspective on science communication. I was totally impressed at the work that Corey is doing, sending Science books to Indigenous schools. It's clear that Corey has many superpowers!

Corey answered Ivy's question about what you'd tell your past self and asked his own here:
How do you see yourself in the science world and how do you communicate what you do?
You can Find Corey on twitter here @Corey_Potter as well as on instagram @cdawg201826 and facebook here. Corey also spends a lot of time with AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) at the University of Sydney. It's worth a look.  

Call to action:
Alpacas I've linked to the Wikipedia page. If you want to learn about them IRL, go to the Aplaca Barn in Berrima
A special mention also goes to the book about animals from Corey's Childhood, Australian Reptiles in Colour by Harold Cogger. This was a great story that he told in the episode

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