Nerd shirts, check. TARDIS check. QandA studios, check.
We took the opportunity to have a discussion about other scientists  having a nationally broadcast discussion. After a brief intro where we did not know what we were talking about, we had a bit of a debrief about the STEM version of QandA.

Because we didn't get to ask our questions, we talked about them in the car.

Tom's questions is:

There has been a lot of discussion recently, especially at the World Science fair in

Brisbane, about story telling to communicate science. What story will you tell our decision
makers to communicate important issues like science funding?

Christie's questions is:

Let's STEM the Sh*t outta this!
A lot of science research has very clear impacts on society and our everyday lives such as medical research, green energy research, climate change research. However, other research like the recent gravitational waves discovery does not have a clear and obvious impact on the average person. So what is the point of this sort of research and how to you explain its value to the average layperson?

We speculated, we discussed and we STEMed!

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Show notes:

STEM QandA episode in iview

Science-Who needs it

Alan Alda Center For Communicating Science

World Science Festival

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Outro Music: STARSET -Let It Die. Used with permission.