STEMquiz: Live event.


STEMpunk will be hosting a FREE live event at Wayward Breweries in Annandale on Tuesday June 21 called STEMquiz. This is very exciting!

STEMquiz is a live recording of STEMpunk podcast. This episode of STEMpunk podcast is a mix of Science, variety, quiz, experiments and guests. Think Spicks&Specks Vs Rockwiz, but with more science!

The quiz show will have a host and 2 teams comprising of a team captain, a science celebrity and an audience member. The audience member will be chosen based on the answer to a science question, and the Science celebrity will be interviewed briefly during the show as one of the segments.

There will be 4 rounds (S, T, E & M) where we ask STEM type questions as well as live demonstrations and activities. The event will be held at Wayward Brewery in Camperdown.

You can register on our facebook page here:

or send us an email at, or contact us on twitter: @STEMpunk3 

There will be prizes, oh yes, there will be prizes!