STEMquiz Profile: Carolyn Hogg

Carolyn Hogg and Tasmanian Devil
I am a population biologist who specialises in the breeding and management of endangered species. My expertise is at the interface of conservation management and academic research. 

My passion is to bring together experts in their respective research fields with industry and government management agencies who have oversight of threatened species. I believe in a collaborative and collegiate approach as I feel that by only working together the sum of all the parts will have a greater impact in reducing biodiversity loss, than working independently of one another. 

My speciality is the integration of the latest research findings, often before publication due to my working relationships with academia, to maximise demographic sustainability while ensuring we maintain genetic integrity of the species we are breeding and reintroducing to the wild. I have been involved with the Tasmanian devil program for the past six years, as well as with recovery efforts for orange-bellied parrots, helmeted honeyeaters, handfish and a range of other Australian species.

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