STEM a go go

Dr Jenny Martin. 
In this interview Tom talks to Science communicator, lecturer, radio presenter and excellent person Dr Jenny Martin from the University of Melbourne. We talked about STEM, Communication, Teaching science communication and heaps of other brilliant stuff! We caught up with Jenny at a cafe in Brisbane while we were both at a Science and Maths education conference.

Thanks so much to Jenny for her time, we're looking forward to when we can speak again!

After Jenny answered James O'Hanlon's question about sailing the uncharted waters of Science research, we asked her to ask a question for our next guest, Here's Jenny's question:

'What will it take for our Government to value, prioritise and much better fund science?'

You can find Jenny all over the place: Dr Jenny Martin on the line:
Espresso Science
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Jenny at Uni of Melbourne

Outro Music: STARSET -Let It Die. Used with permission.