From left: Tom, Luke Barnes,
Christie, Geraint Lewis, Shane
Tom Christie and Shane sat down with Professor Geraint Lewis and Dr Luke Barnes to talk about galaxies, multiverses, STEM and their new Book "A Fortunate Universe: Life in a Finely Tuned Cosmos."

After answering Dennis' question about the role that science should have in politics, Geraint asked this doozy for our next guest to answer.

'In Australia, we have limited grant funding, but we have grant funding open to everybody. We have national priorities but they're not strongly applied. Should science funding be distributed to all, or focused into areas where we could be international winners?" Also "Have you bought our book??"
Thanks Geraint and Luke for the awesome chat!

The cool thing about this interview, is that after we stopped the recording, we kept chatting with Geraint and Luke about Time travel and relativity! Awesome. We're basically guaranteeing another interview with these two researchers.

2DF Spectrograph

Andromeda/Milky way collision

Geraint and Luke's Book
You can Find Geraint on twitter here: @cosmichorizons
Luke on Twitter Here: @lukebarnesastro
and their book here:

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