In this episode. Tom Gordon chats with Josh Richards - Space Pirate over the phone. At the time of the interview, Josh was in Perth, Soon, he might be in Canberra, or on your tv or radio somewhere, and later (if all goes to plan) he'll be on Mars.

Josh is one of the 100 Astronaut candidates selected to go on a one way trip to Mars, just think about that for a second! About 40 people will end up going and Josh hopes to be one of them. Best of luck to The Might Ginge

He's had such an interesting career so far and it was great to talk to him about some of his ideas and his background etc. Guaranteed we'll be talking to Josh again.

Please enjoy.

You can Find Josh all over the place:
Josh Richards website
Josh Richards on Facebook
Josh Richards on Twitter
Josh Richards on Instagram

Lemon Jelly: Spacewalk. An inspirational song!

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Outro Music: STARSET -Let It Die. Used with permission.