In this episode. Tom chats with Professor Rod Cross from the University of Sydney. Professor Cross has spent a career looking at Olasma Physics, and another career (after he retired) looking at sports physics and forensic physics. We talked about a large number of fascinating stories and experiences. 

Rod now spends his time thinking about physics from a student education perspective and publishing many articles on sometimes fundamental physics demonstration in order to educate students and get them thinking. He also spends time helping in police investigations by being a physics expert in some cases and sometimes throwing police officers in pools, because science!

Rod answered Josh Rishards Question about getting adolescents into Science and asked his own related question: How do you get Poltiticians, Lawyers and Police officers into Science?

Here are some links from Rod's work:
Tilting a wobbly chair 
Rod's Homepage

STEMpunk Podcast

Outro Music: STARSET -Let It Die. Used with permission.