What does the weather; the French; and the human voice; have in common?

In this episode, Shane chats with Dr Noel Hanna.  Noel Hanna has experience in teaching, science communication and research.  He is currently a research associate working in Joe Wolfe’s Acoustic group.  Noel has so far had an interesting and varied career, going from being a linguistic student, a meteorologist, school teacher and now a researcher into the physics of the human voice.

Noel answered Dr Sean Farrell's question about combating the rise in trend of distrust in experts?  Noel then asks our next guest this:

There are some predictions that STEM workers, particularly programmers, will be the blue-collar workers of the future.  Is this something to look forward to and why?

MRI – Cross section of a human head and throat, looking into the physical characteristics that make up the human voice.

Noel Hanna:

Joe Wolfe’s research group:

World Voice Day

Australian Acoustical Society

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Noel’s Public Talk ‘Understanding the Human Voice’