Rod Lamberts and Will grant from the Centre for
Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) at ANU. 
Here looking very wholesome.
WholesomeSTEM is our chat with Wholesome Science communicators Will Grant and Rod Lamberts from the ANU Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, CPAS.

We talk about Science Communication, facts, jobs and opinions. We even got into some politics and comedy (sometimes those are difficult to distinguish). We've wanted to chat with Rod and Will for a while now and are very glad and happy that we got the chance. It was a lot of fun!

Here's a quote from the show that has stayed with me:

"The easiest people to persuade are the people who wanna be persuaded...often what we do is not injecting facts, but context"

Rod and Will run their own podcast called the wholesome show, a pub event where they interview scientists and other thinkers and ask them tough questions, over a beer. Check it out. You may or may not regret it!!

They answered Noel Hanna's question STEM workers of the future and asked their own:

"How do you balance your work and life...ya drongo?"