Cameron Malcher
Not a scientist...but that's ok!
Episode 35:

In this episode, Tom talks with Drama/English teacher, host and producer of the TER podcast, and NSW Teachers Federation Communications Manager Cameron Malcher. This was a great chat from a different perspective. I really enjoyed asking Cameron about different ideas, silos, jobs, STEM, podcasts etc. I hope you enjoy this interview. 

Cameron answered our previous guests, Phil Dooley, question of "Can you think of two unique ways to communicate a science concept?" and let us know bout this wonderful short Sci-Fi story Second Person, Present Tense.

and asked his own for our next guest: 
How do we get people engaged in science without risking simplifying it or introducing biases that are unhelpful?

Cameron interviewed Tom for his podcast which was release a few weeks ago, have a listen to it here:

You can Find Cameron at his podcast TER Podcast, at the Teachers Federation or on twitter @Capitan_Typo

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Intro: STARSET -Down with the fallen.
Outro: Cameron Stiff's track
Both used with permission.

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