Ben Pope in his appearance on University Challenge.
Episode 38:

In this episode we talk to the very interesting Ben Pope. We talked about astronomy, Sagan, Hawking, University Challenge, STEM, Science in Society and a whole lot more. That sounds like we're trying to bait you to click through to our podcast, but we really did talk about a lot. Have a listen.

Ben answered Dustin Bate's from Starset question about automation (You can check it out here) and asked his own glorious question.
What is the most beautiful thing in your field that you wish everyone would know
Joey Goldman, Ben Pope, Jeremy Paxman,
Professor Stephen Hawking, Freddy Potts and Jacob Lloyd.
I thank Ben very much for his time, it was a great chat, very entertaining and interesting, Thanks Ben.

You can catch Ben on twitter @fringetracker

STEMpunk will be running another STEM based Trivia Night "STEMtrivia" for you all on Tuesday November 5, hosted by our friends at the wonderful Wayward Brewing Company. Details for tickets are on our Facebook page or Eventbrite.

Intro: STARSET -Down with the fallen.
Outro: Cameron Stiff's track
Both used with permission.

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