Dustin Bates, frontman for Starset.
Episode 37

In this Episode, Tom and Guest STEMpunk (Guestpunk??) Petr Lebedev talked with Dustin Bates.

In Science week 2017, a friend of mine Dustin Bates from the cinematic rock band Starset came out for their first Australian tour. Dustin and I sat down in a pub and had a chat about being scientists and musicians. Between his sound check and their show, we talked about Music, What is Starset, STEM and tech.We covered a lot in the short time we had.

We had to keep the interview short as Dustin had to go and play his show, and I had to go and be in the audience and soak up the rock-y science-y tech-y goodness of Starset.

This episode was a very exciting one for me, and I'm very happy to share this episode with you and hope you enjoy it as much as I did talking with Dustin.

Dustin answered a previous question about communicating climate change and asked his own question fro our next guest:
What will be the positive impacts and negative ramifications of automation within the next decade
 All music in this episode (except the background music form the pub where we did the interview) is from Starset. Thanks Dustin for letting us use it!

Intro: STARSET - Down with the fallen
Break STARSET - Intro to Astronomy
Outro: STARSET - My Demons
Used with permission.

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