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Image result for dont panicEpisode 42:

In this episode, Tom and Shane celebrate a minor milestone with the 42nd STEMpunk episode. We celebrate by running through a couple of Hitchhikers guide tot he Galaxy quizzes and facts. Please enjoy.

We tried the BBC Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Easy Quiz and the Minor Characters quiz. Try them yourself and play along with us. What was your score, let us know on twitter @STEMpunk3

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In late July, STEMpunk producer and host Tom Gordon will be at the Splendour in the Grass Science Tent. You'll here about this more very soon, but in short we'll be doing some interviews with some STEM, comedy and music people, as well as some voxpops and special events such as panels and debates. It's pretty exciting, stay tuned.

STEMpunk will be running another STEM based Trivia and entertainment and variety Night "STEMquiz" on Tuesday in Science week on Tuesday August 14, hosted by our friends at the wonderful Wayward Brewing Company. Details for tickets are on our Facebook page or Eventbrite.

Intro: STARSET -Down with the fallen.
Outro: Cameron Stiff's track
Both used with permission.

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