Mars, cos we talked a lot about Mars.
Should we go there?
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This was a great episode. In this episode, Tom Had 6 work experience students and 3rd year Nanotechnology student Alison in to have a big chat. This was so much fun. Thanks to all for being a part of it.

We chatted about Mars, Technology, Space, Robots and so much more. These work experience students were next level engaging, and I hope you enjoy this episode. I've been wanting to interview a bunch of school students for a while, so this was a real treat for me.

Our work experience team answered Anncy's question about science and humanities working together and asked their own, here:
Should we send people to Mars? If so, which 4 people and what 1 technology would you send? If we decide not to go, what should we do with those people instead?
Really special thanks to the Work experience students: Ella, Boris, Lily, Nick, Nelson and Jesse.

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Call to action:
Here are some of the links to the things that the team mentioned for you to go and look up. I'm slowly making way through the list!
Camping - Mt Solitary
Superheroes - White Canary
Gaming - Dark Souls Remastered
Acapella - Pentatonix, Flying Pickets,
Air crash investigations

Intro: STARSET -Down with the fallen.
Outro: Cameron Stiff's track
Both used with permission.

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