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This is a really special episode with a bit of a STEM hero, Pamela Gay. I saw a tweet from Pamela that she was heading out to Sydney, so I jumped in and asked if she had the time.  She so wonderfully said yes. What a great connection. Thanks Pamela and Thanks twitter!

Tom and Christie interview Pamela Gay, Science communicator and astronomer of excellent calibre and awesomeness. The conversation covered work, communications, art. The most frustrating thing is that we didn't have more time. Pamela, next time you are in Sydney, let us know. and next time i'm in Illinois, I know who to tweet!

Pamela answered Michael's question about Scientists communicating their research and asked her own here:
What is the most respectful way that we can develop our world as we develop astronomy.

You can find Pamela just about everywhere, just look for Starstryder
Astronomy Cast

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Here's Pamela's tweet that I responded to!! So cool!

Intro: STARSET -Down with the fallen.
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