Dr Karl, Jasmine Fellows, Tom Gordon,
Dr Andy Stapleton, Professor Nancy Longnecker
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This special edition was another STEMpunk live episode. This time at The Australian Science Communicators conference in Sydney in mid November 2018.

With a huge collection of Science communicators and practitioners, we were able to gather a panel of experts to get a ver good discussion happening about STEM from the different perspectives.

It was great to  hear different perspectives of Academics, Innovators, Authors, Publishers and Dr Karl.

There was one huge Smash/Cut/Edit fail from me. A question from the audience was "What is the etymology of the acronym STEM." We couldn't here the question and I did not repeat the question for the audio (cos I'm a professional!!)

You can find these wonderful people here:
The Australian Science
Communicators Conference panel.
Dr Karl
Jasmine Fellows
Dr Andy Stapleton, Verbalize.Science, Publish, Perish or Podcast
Professor Nancy Longnecker

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Intro: STARSET -Down with the fallen.
Outro: Cameron Stiff's track
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