Kat Ross with the little spidery looking MWA

This is a fun episode with Astronomer Kat Ross. Kat has been working hard at astronomy, education, resources and Women in Physics and is doing really well getting the word out as far and wide as possible. It's a pleasure to work with Kat and great fun to interview her! Kat's research was on a Star called Mu Cephi, a fascinating object, worth looking at!

The conversation covered Astronomy, STEM, Women in Physics and much more, we really covered a lot but in predictable fashion did not even scratch the surface of what we could have covered! I even ran out of time to ask Kat about what she nerds out about...Next time!

Kat answered Pamela's question about respect in astronomy and asked her own here: :
What are your top three rules for your field?
Kat has her top three rules for astronomy and they are

  1. Don't look at the sun
  2. Bigger telescope is generally better (See equation 1)
  3. For those, like Kat who have not seen
    Mu Cephi, here it is
  4. When in doubt (even when not in doubt) take the Log of all your graphs

Equation 1, (also exciting, this is the first equation we've included in a STEMpunk post!

{\displaystyle \theta =1.220{\frac {\lambda }{D}}}

You can find Kat on twitter  and if you listen out on some radio station, you just might be able to catch her talking about Space and Science form time to time! 

We mentioned a few tings in the episode, here is the slowmo guys with their CD shattering footage.

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