Rachel Rayner...and BUBBLES!

In this episode, Christie and Tom interview Science communicator brilliant person Rachel Rayner. We talk about where science and science communication can take you and some amazing places that Rachel has gone and some excellent jobs that she has done.

You can Find Rachel on twitter here @raeray4

A great fun episode to chat with a talented and hard working person like Rachel...Also it's our 50th episode, Yay for milestones! To celebrate, this episode is 50m:50s long!

Rachel answered Kat's question about the three rules and and asked her own here:
What do you do if your research is taken out of context?
We talked about some of the things that Rachel has done, here are some links of those things:
Shell Questacon Science Circus
Australian Volunteers program (AVP)
Nautilus Live
Here is one of the papers that people are using to misrepresent findings.

Call to action:
High Energy Particle Physics - Start Here
If you want to dive right in, check out the Penguin Diagram

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