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In this episode, Tom interviews Science communicator and journalist Ivy Shih. We talked a lot about science journalism, which is really great as it is a different perspective to what we normally hear on this podcast. A great episode where I feel like I learnt a lot about journalism and a different side of science communication. There was a lot in this interview about science writing and I really liked that. I hope you do too!

Ivy answered Rachel's question taking writing out of context and asked her own here:
If there was one thing that you could tell yourself in the beginning stages of your career, what would that be?
You can Find Ivy on twitter here @ivyhish, as well as on Lateral Magazine. Ivy wrote a wonderful piece about the Thylacine called Life after death. It's great.
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  1. Archives: There are a few like the NSW State library, Australian Museuym's DigiVolHerbarium and the Powerhouse Museum. Also check out the YouTube channel Objectivity
  2. Animation: Space Brothers, Cells at work

Ivy and Tom.
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