Meet Nic

Meet Nic, our Audience

Nic, our Audience. Image Credit: Ivy Shih
In our latest Episode, the STEMpunks, Tom, Christie and Shane, designed our audience member. This is a marketing exercise where companies will figure out who their audience is, even going to the lengths of given them a name. Radio hosts do it, they'll talk to a particular person, the good ones make you feel like you are that person! Companies do it to figure out what their brand is, therefore who'll buy their products.

And now, we've done it. One of the most important rules of Science Communication is to know your audience, or at least understand who your audience is. That was the motivation for this episode. The design of our audience means there will now be some changes to how we do STEMpunk, but this is a good thing! What will be really interesting is to see how this changes our listenership. 

Our podcast will now be about 20-25 minutes long (enough for a commute from Glebe to the city) and will try to include something that the audience member didn't know about STEM, and/or Scicomm (for example, you might not have known that the marketing exercise of naming your audience is a done thing!). We'll still ask our questions about STEM (cos that's important to Nic) and our guest questions (in order to learn something new) but the extended chat about those things will have to be less in-depth. We'll also encourage Nic to go and do some scicomm through various channels. 

We hope you like the changes!

Huge thanks to Ivy Shih for the image! Go and check her page ( to see some of her other talents, or listen to episode 51 (STEMjourno), where we interviewed Ivy!

Name: Nic
Age: 33
Occupation: STEM professional.
Where do they live: Somewhere like Glebe.
Who do they live with: Housemates, most likely in STEM fields too.
Income: ~$75k.
Hobbies: Photography, Rock climbing, Music.
What does STEM mean to them? Excitement, Passion, Important, Job, Opinions (but not necessarily positive or negative).
Favourite Bands/podcasts: STEMpunkReply allScience VsNo Such thing as a fishStuff you should knowInfinite Monkey CageThe Science ShowAndrew Huang.
Favourite social media apps: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.
Why do they listen to Podcasts? To learn new things.
Why do they listen to STEMpunk? To learn something new about science communication.
When do they listen to Podcasts? While commuting.
What does their life look like before and after they listen to STEMpunk? After listening they’ll be more informed and engaged to go and do some sci comm.

Anatomy of a STEMpunk. Image credit: Ivy Shih
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