We started STEMpunk a couple of years ago,
perhaps we should have done this sooner!

This was a great episode, it was a chance for the STEMpunks (Tom, Christie and Shane) to talk about some really essential stuff like... 

Who is our Audience?

Rule 1 of a podcast should be defining who your audience is, up till now it has been! But we think we could do better than that! So in this episode, we had a great time designing a character who is a STEMpunk listener, so now when we record an episode, it'll be for that hypothetical person.

It's probably rare to have an insight into how some companies, people or organisations define who their audience is, or what their brand is, but this is a well known marketing technique for helping people figure out who to sell or pitch to. It is such an interesting exercise to literally come up with a character for a purpose.

So we'd like to introduce our audience. I'm sure Nic is pleased to meet you!

STEMpunk Audience

Name: Nic
Age: 33
Occupation: STEM professional
Where do they live: Somewhere like Glebe
Who do they live with: Housemates, most likely in STEM fields too
Income: ~$75k
Hobbies: Photography, Rock climbing, Music
What does STEM mean to them? Excitement, Passion, Important, Job, Opinions (but not necessarily positive or negative).
Favourite Bands/podcasts: STEMpunkReply all, Science VsNo Such thing as a fish, Stuff you should knowInfinite Monkey Cage, The Science Show, Andrew Huang.
Favourite social media apps: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.
Why do they listen to Podcasts? To learn new things.
Why do they listen to STEMpunk? To learn something new about science communication.
When do they listen to Podcasts? While commuting.
What does their life look like before and after they listen to STEMpunk? After listening they’ll be more informed and engaged to go and do some sci comm.

We also had a very special guest in this episode, see if you can hear them with their various interjections!

STEMpunk Merch

To support the podcast we've decided to sell some podcast merchandise...With a difference.

It takes 2,700 litres of water to make one t-shirt, so instead of making more things, we've re-used them. Our items are bought in an op-shop, then we write "STEMpunk" on it with a permanent marker. Due to the fact that these items are second hand, they will not be "perfect" but they certainly are unique! Head over to our STEMpunkPod Etsy store to get our merchandise.

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