STEMpunk live: Planets and Parables

Dr Abigail Fraeman, Shane Hengst,
Liz Landau, Tom Gordon,
Dr Sarah Reeves.
n = 56 

On Tuesday 16 July 2019, STEMpunk went back to Wayward Brewery and were joined by special NASA guests for an evening of Planets and Parables. Dr Abigail Fraeman (Planetary Scientist) and Liz Landau (Science Story teller) and Dr Sarah Reeves (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences) were the stars of a live recording of the STEMpunk podcast to mark 50 years since the Moon landing.

“We went to the Moon and we returned humans safely, we should celebrate that,” said Science Communicator and STEMpunk producer Tom Gordon. “The 50th anniversary of the Moon landing is an event well worth celebrating and an opportunity to remember the hard work that went into it and what happened as a result.”

“The significant anniversary of the Moon landing presents a great opportunity to talk about the future. And while we are at it, we talked about other space and Science related things.”

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