STEMpunk Podcast Live: Trivia

STEMpunk trivia hosted by Shane, Tom & Christie
STEMpunk is back at the Sydney Science Festival, with another STEM trivia night.

Fans of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) – come down to a live recording of the popular STEMpunk podcast at Wayward Brewery for a mix of science and trivia, a quiz and live experiments. It’s just like a regular trivia night, but with more science!
There will be four rounds (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) where we ask STEM-type questions and test your STEM-type knowledge. We all know trivia is awesome, but there just aren’t enough STEM questions. STEMpunk trivia fixes that!
To keep the variety alive, we’ll have some games and activities throughout the night, as well as live demonstrations and audience participation.
Here are some STEM questions to warm you up.

- What sport was played on the moon?
- What song did D:Ream sing that Prof Brian Cox now think is wrong?
- Which country would you find the Belle II experiment?
- What song did REM write about Andy Kaufman?
- What career did Apollo12 astronaut Alan Bean do after his time as an astronaut?

Event details

Where: Wayward Brewery

Cost: FREE

When: 6pm, Tuesday 13 August 2019

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