Well, it is not exactly rocket sci....,
Actually, it IS exactly rocket science
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In this episode, Tom interview Matthew D'Souza about the usual things as well as his recent win at the SpacePort America Cup.  This was a great episode with a young superstar of Science and engineering. This really is exactly rocket science!

The Universioty of Sydney Rocketry Team won first place at Spaceport America Cup for the 10,000 ft Commercial Off The shelf Category. The Silvereye flew to 10,027 ft with perfect flight events and recovery. This was a big part of the interview!

Matt answered the question that Zeeshan asked about books he has read, and asked his own here.

If you could go to Mars, would you?! 
Native Australian bird Silver Eye
Artist: Nikita Ridgeway

Find out about the University of Sydney Rocketry team and their winning mission Silver Eye here

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Matt is essentially a nerd about being a nerd, he loves to nerd out about nerding out! So as their is no real link to that, here are some rocket links for you to learn about, or go and do!

Motor Classification
Where to buy hobby rockets

Silver Eye Mission patch
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