Annie Handmer. Historian, Philosopher,
Sociologist, Ethicist, Scientist.

In this episode, Tom interviews Annie Handmer from the University of Sydney's School of History and Philosophy of Science. Annie studies things such as international science projects to figure out how people do science together. It's a fascinating topic.  This is one of those episodes that really felt too short.

This wasn't really an interview, more a great chat with a friend who has some fascinating experiences and opinions. We talked about space junk, advertising and mining, What STEM is, and even what science is. We finished with a bit of a nerd out about metal music!

Annie answered Corey's questions about how you communicate science and asked her own here, it's a doozy!
If you could experience going into a black hole knowing that you'd never come back, would you? What if you could send data back about your experience?
You can Find Annie on twitter here @AHandmer as well as on her own Podcast Space Junk Podcast. You can find out more about the School of History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) here

Call to action:
Annie loves Metal music: Here are some band names:

Black Sabbath
Amon Amarth
Ex Japan

Krav Maga

Maths - This is numberphile, it comes under the heading of "recreational maths," and is a lot of fun!

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